There could be several customized events. Starting with events that would need a celebrity engagement to ones that would require delegates from a specific designation level. At Eventalist, we have capabilities to offer such custom services.

Starting with award Functions that require an atmosphere of positivity, excitement, and fanfare to corporate events, Eventalist can add a great deal of zing to your custom events.

An image of a CyberSecurity Workshop by Eventalist attended by hundred co-operative bankers at Lucknow

Here are some areas that we could offer a great value:
Operations A good venue can make or break an award function, especially, a corporate industry gala event. Our industry connect helps in bargaining and negotiating to arrive at the best rates for luxurious venues. Besides this, stage-design can cast a great impression on attendees. A well designed stage can make corporate attendees and employees feeling felicitated. The stage includes display screens, background décor,lighting, and props.

Concept: A good concept can improve the delegate-connect with the event. Getting speakers of industry repute or thought-leaders and corporate czars can make it a truly engaging experience for delegates. We have capability in onboarding such speakers to an industry event.

Graphics: While awards are presented, it is imperative to have accompanying graphic effects. Doing so can improve the ambience of the event and make it more lively and entertaining. We arrange for graphic based on the awards being given out.

Corporate Attendees/Delegates: Have a specific wish-list of attendees in mind? Contact us today to understand how you could leverage from our association with verticals such as BFSI, Ecommerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharma, Auto, etc.

Besides custom functions, Eventalist also offers great value on round-tables, seminars, conferences, un-conferences and other services.