FGDs can be a very powerful tool for coming up with marketing strategies, identifying gaps in your current products or organizational practices, and obtaining valuable feedback pertaining to working conditions, wages etc.They can invite a range of views that otherwise cannot be collected by means of questionnaire surveys. The best part about FGDs is that unlike group discussions, they are a place where everyone can present their views freely without feeling the need to agree or argue with others.

The duration of Focused Group Discussions is usually shorter as compared to other market research methods, and the goal is to extract the maximum amount of information from the participants in the limited time period. For the same, one needs an experienced facilitator or moderator to steer the discussion in a positive direction and also to ensure that no one is digressing from the topic.

We as facilitators can add a lot to the FGDs. We prepare an agenda, arrange participants, brief them about the aims and objectives, and maintain the momentum of the discussion. Our focused group discussion facilitators ensure that they are neutral and unbiased, and are carefully recording every single observation displayed by the participants.

From a 4 member brainstorming meet to a 12 member round-table our services are huge when it comes to Focused Group Discussions. Our widespread reach can help you pitch, lobby and make your presence felt in the industry. We can also fetch experienced speakers to lend credibility to your pitch. Also our range of expert moderators and MCs ensure vibrancy without losing focus. Thereby, making such shorter events more endearing.