Roundtables are a platform for industry influencers to come together and present their thoughts on a common topic. The views and opinions of these leaders are invaluable in helping companies identify the opportunities that lie ahead. But if poorly managed, a mini round table can turn out to be those boring office meetings where you feel like falling asleep.

We are professionals when it comes to conducting mini round tables. We get industry thought leaders who are willing and interested to share their ideas,and are selective when it comes to getting speakers on board. We ensure that the speakers are genuinely knowledgeable, so that we can foster meaningful discussions and get the most out of it.



Things That Brings Round-Tables Alive:

Apart from the participants, we see to it that the moderator is equally insightful and bright, so as to steer the discussion in a positive direction. 

Moderators need to be focused, else the risk of starting at politics and perhaps concluding at cookery. Concept is of utmost importance in mini round table discussions. 

We do thorough research about the topic and also prepare a guide outlining the specific points that the discussion should address. Besides, we ensure an ideal venue, taking care of event logistics as well as other nittie-gritties.

What to expect at a round table:


• Moderator introduces participants , commencing the RT discussion

• Audiences are encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions

• The Knowledge-Partner suggests solution points

• A summary of salient discussion points wraps the discussion

We have to our credit several seminars, roundtables, Unconferences and learning-engagement sessions. Please get in touch with us for more details.