Team Eventalist conducts training sessions and Masterclasses. We have capabilities to craft a 350-seater training session. Custom packages can also be structured with our industry-leading associations.

Training and Masterclasses are a unique opportunity to stir new thoughts among your company’s most important stakeholders Рemployees. A Masterclass could also be a way to hand-hold prospective user community towards a new product offering. Whatever the case may be, Eventalist has capabilities in ensuring a good program.

A world-renowned trainer as an authority on the subject matter and an inspiring concept are ingredients to a successful Masterclass or a training session. A good trainer motivates learners to the subject matter. A good schedule ensures that participants learn what’s required and leave the session feeling motivated. Starting with a structured agenda, motivated trainer, and ensuring availability of several must-have resources for a masterclass including the venue, there’s a lot to leverage from the Eventalist advantage.

We have had significant experience in structuring Masterclasses and Fintech training sessions.